Stick it to the Man by Jackson Lahey


At the start of November, I led my final intern project. With a bit of sass and a lot of creativity, I pulled my fellow interns together to create “Stick it to the Man”, an interactive event for Missoula’s First Friday. Set up outside of the FMT office, we invited our fellow Missoulians to stick the reason why they vote via post it note to our big paper man -- he, of course, donned a top hat and monocle.

Many people stopped, but one passerby stood out in particular; she was walking by the table with her parents. When she stopped to fill out her own post it note, her parents kept walking. She yelled after them urging them to come back. After a few moments of back and forth, they returned to the table dismissing the activity. She didn't let up. She wouldn't let them leave without joining her in sticking it to he man. 


Her post it notes tells the moral of the story better than I can: "Because young people will change the world".

We filled our big paper man with over 100 sticky notes that night. I felt so proud to be leading an event that inspired not only my peers, but encouraged my peers to inspire those around them.

Working with Forward Montana has shown me the power that we have when we join together. Whether it’s registering people to vote, or making a few thousand calls to remind our neighbors to vote a few months later, this internship has shown me time and time again what can be accomplished by believing in our generation.

Jackson Lahey is currently an intern in our Missoula field office.