MSU Student Voter Day by Frances Abrose


As an undergraduate, I dropped my ballot off at Student Voter Day. That's why I was stoked to be the lead on the 3rd Annual Student Voter Day at the MSU Campus. 

Just like in years before, we encouraged students to join in the festivities and drop off their ballots. But, with Student Voter Day falling on Halloween, it took a spooky twist. There was a ghostly photo booth, Ouija board, tarot card readings, and Casper the Friendly Vote Goat, the most popular attraction of the day. 

Six student groups came to put up their own booths like the Queer Straight Alliance glitter paint table and the Students for Choice creepy truth booth where you could learn unsettling facts about threats to reproductive choice. 

It was so rad to see students so passionate about things like sustainability, veteran rights, queer issues, and of course, young voter turnout. 


So many students saw our signs, asked questions, and ran back to their dorms to grab their ballots. It was cool to feel like we were making a real difference in the election by increasing student turnout, but also cooler that we could do that while dressed as a zombie suffragette and dancing to the Ghostbusters theme song.

It's events like Student Voter Day that got me civically engaged when I was an undergrad, and I couldn't be prouder to be making more students voters as the Bozeman Field Organizer. 

A recent graduate of MSU, Frances Ambrose served as our 2017 Fall Field Organizer in Bozeman.