Special Election FAQs

What is the Special Election?

Since our Representative (Ryan Zinke) was appointed by President Trump to be the Secretary of Interior, Montana is hosting a Special Election to fill his congressional seat. The candidates are Greg Gianforte (R), Rob Quist (D) and Mark Wicks (L). The Special Election will be May 25th. Absentee ballots will be mailed on May 1st and received by voters by May 3rd.

Who can vote in the Special Election?

Any qualified voter can vote in the Special Election. To be a qualified voter you need to be 18 years old by May 25th, be a US citizen, and have lived in Montana for 30 or more days.

How do I know if I’m registered to vote in Montana?

You can see if you’re registered and see what address you’re registered to vote at by going to Montana’s MyVoterPage.

Can I still vote by mail?

Yep! Anyone can vote absentee in any election. You just need to make sure that your address is up to date. You can make sure that you're registered by mail at the correct address by visiting Montana's MyVoterPage.

I go to college in Montana, but I’ll be in another state/country over the summer. Can I still vote in the Special Election?

Yep! You absolutely still qualify as a voter in Montana as long as you're 18, lived in Montana for 30 or more days, and are a US citizen. Just be sure that your mailing address is representative of where you'll be living on May 3rd. This address does not need to be in Montana. You’ll get your ballot by May 3rd and you can mail it back before you head out on your big summer adventure.

I keep getting told to early vote. What does that mean?

Early voting means casting your vote before the actual day of the election. In Montana, voters can early vote 30 days before the election at their early vote locations. These locations are usually your county elections office, but may change in other counties. Find your early vote location on Montana's MyVoterPage.

I went to early vote and my county clerk told me I couldn't because I'm getting my ballot in the mail. WTF is up with that? 

First and foremost, voting can be confusing -- but it shouldn't be! If you want to help make voting less confusing for other young Montanans, sign up to volunteer with us. 

You can early vote if you're getting your ballot in the mail BUT you've gotta fill out a ton of paperwork saying that you won't cast the ballot you get in the mail. If you're leaving before you'll be able to receive your ballot in the mail on May 3rd, then early voting is a great option for you! If you're going to be in town and want to early vote because you're excited, we'd encourage you to just wait till that ballot comes in the mail. 

If you think at ANY time you're getting unfair push back from your county clerk, give our Deputy Director Kiah Abbey a call at 406-672-8004. She'll be able to answer questions, give some hell to your county clerk, and ensure you can vote your values in the Special Election. 

When do I have to mail my ballot for it to count?

Your ballot must be received be your County’s Election Office by 8pm on May 25th. We’d encourage you to mail it by May 22nd to make sure your ballot gets there on time.