RACHEL HUFF-DORIA, Executive Director


Rachel’s pretty terrible at organizing her closet but organizing people has been her jam since she was a kiddo. From putting together teams of high school students for her hometown’s first ever Relay for Life to her most recent efforts organizing folks to support fair treatment for pregnant workers, she has a long history of fighting the good fight. Rachel has spent her adult life in the Appalachian hills where she worked with some of the wildest and most wonderful women, at WV FREE, a reproductive health and justice organization. Rachel also teaches yoga in Missoula and manages to compete in far too many recreational sports, sustaining her calm, yet competitive demeanor. Oh—and she likes donuts. A lot.

Email Rachel at rachel@forwardmontana.org.


Hailing from the magic city of Montana, Kiah is a fifth generation Montanan who's passionate about her cat, building inclusive empowering communities and riding her bike-- in that order. She has her bachelor's degree from Montana State University in Political Science and enjoys destroying the patriarchy on the weekends. 

Email Kiah at kiah@forwardmontana.org. 


Meaghan Bailey is still relatively new to Montana and very new to the Forward Montana team. She comes from San Di-ago, which of course in German means a whale’s vagina.  As a recent grad of MSU, she is excited to spend her days working on spreading democracy and immersing herself in all things Montana. She loves poorly made horror movies, bassett hound puppies, and Beyonce.

Email Meaghan at meaghan@forwardmontana.org



Amara is a junior in political science at MSU who lives and breathes democracy. She enjoys any and all breakfast foods, cuddling with her puppy, and registering every single college student to vote. Through Forward Montana Foundation she has discovered my passion for grassroots political work and plan to continue working in the field after college.

Email Amara at Amara@forwardmontana.org.




Email Michael at Michaeln@forwardmontana.org

Michael Nelson is a, coffee, adrenaline, and taco bell fueled weapon of youth activism. Look out, he just graduated from the University of Montana with a Major in Political Science and a Minor in International Development, he’ll tear your excuses for not voting apart. Approach with caution as he is known to be a lovable and humorous individual, he is a monster. This sicko has been engaging his peers for years, encouraging them to “Reach their potential as champions of democracy.” He was an intern and fellow with Forward Montana from 2013-2014 and is highly skilled in the art of mobilizing young people to become active and informed citizens. Beware, he can unload an entire clip(board) in the blink of an eye. Look out Montana, he’s coming for ya. 


Born and raised in Bozeman, Claire Babcock moved to Missoula a year ago to study sociology and English. She is committed to social justice, grassroots activism, and every dog. When she isn’t holding a clipboard, Claire secretly enjoys watching basketball and openly enjoys breakfast foods, bike rides, and feeling her feelings.

Email Claire at claire@forwardmontana.org. 


Eleni Leona Haloftis has recently returned from Montana from Southern California, where she graduated from the University of California Irvine with a bachelor in Anthropology. She does her best to ally herself with marginalized peoples and has strong convictions in social justice which her work doing community outreach in Billings provides an amazing outlet for. Eleni is particularly passionate about and enjoys all things Greek (the country and culture, not that frat sorority life!), participating in the disabilities community, swimming laps, Nicki Minaj, riding her bike, chilling with the fam, and reading feminist writing.

Email Eleni at eleni@forwardmontana.org.