THE 6 E's

The issues we've cared about since the start. 

  • Election Reform
  • Equality
  • 'Ealthcare
  • Environment
  • Economic Justice
  • Education 

THE ISSUES in 2017

Over the last year, our staff, interns and volunteers have had over 3,000 conversations with young Montanans about what they care about, what mobilizes them to vote, and what the future of our state looks like. 

After all those conversations, we've identified the following as our top priorities in 2017: 

Election Reform:

The act of voting should be just and fair as well as accessible and safe for all qualified electors.

  • Accessible Polling Locations

  • Online Voter Registration 
  • Automatic Voter Registration


Our natural resources should be accessible to all Montanans. 

  • Preserving our opportunities to recreate on Montana's public lands
  • Advocating for solutions to mitigate the consequences of climate change
  • Expanding development of renewable energy sources


All Montanans should be able to work, live, and play in Montana free from discrimination. 

  • Addition of gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation to the Montana Human Rights Act 
  • Improvements to the Montana University System's processes and procedures to ensure all students feel safe on college campuses


A college education should be accessible and attainable for all Montanans.  

  • Increased state funding for Montana University System
  • Increased transparency in the Montana University System's gift procurement and acceptance procedures
  • Increased state funding for scholarships