Billings West High SChool & Bozeman High School

SEPTEMBER 26-28, 2016


We envision a Montana in which young people are a powerful, civically active constituency that has fostered a new era of democracy that truly represents Montana values.  While anyone can be “young” at heart and Forward Montana Foundation welcomes participation from all people, Forward Montana Foundation’s focus is on Montanans from high school aged to 30ish, who face particular barriers to their civic participation.

Democracy Days is so much more than just our high school voter registration program. During Democracy Days, our Underage Democracy Fellows lead a peer to peer voter education experience over 3 days exposing voting age and non-voting age young people alike to the importance of civic participation. By engaging in peer to peer conversations, we can provide a low risk but effective opportunity for young people to begin conceiving of themselves as a citizen.

Bring Democracy Days to your school by contacting Kiah Abbey at