MATT POWEll-PALM | GAllatin Valley, MT

Nominated by Kiah Abbey


Matt Powell-Palm wears several professional hats – scientist, musician, politico—but he identifies first and foremost as a born-and-raised Montana boy. He is passionate about the ideals that have always made Montana the Last Best Place, including unrestricted access to public lands, the opportunity to work and thrive as part of a strong middle class, and the freedom to live, love, and believe as you will, and he’s proud to have worked as a political coordinator on the Quist campaign in defense of these ideals. Matt is currently beginning a PhD at UC Berkeley, working on technology to cryogenically preserve human organs for transplant, with the ultimate goal of professing at Montana State and never having to set foot outside Big Sky country ever, ever again. Matt spends most nights hopping around Southwest Montana’s vibrant music scene, loves his family dearly, and would like to thank FMF for this terrific honor.

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