Jocelyn Olsen was born and raised only an hour away from the Mexican border in the land of the Saguaro cacti, Tucson, Arizona. She graduated third in her class from Rincon High School in 2011 and was able to attend the University of Arizona the same year with a full-ride academic scholarship. In 2015, Jocelyn graduated from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor’s of Science in Public Health. Throughout her senior year of college, she was chosen to complete an internship at the local center against domestic abuse. This is where she founded her passion to help individuals experiencing crises, working primarily on the 24 hour crisis hotline. In July of 2015, Jocelyn accepted an AmeriCorps VISTA position serving at YWCA Helena. She drove straight north and ended up only three hours away from the Canadian border in Helena, Montana. At the beginning of Jocelyn’s service year, she researched, wrote, and began implementation of a supervised visitation and safe child exchange program. She then transitioned into grant writing, completing two federal grant applications for the supervised visitation program and for a new re-entry program aimed at reducing recidivism rates among women involved in the legal system. Jocelyn finished her service year updating and creating new policies for the YWCA Helena transitional housing program. As of July 2016, Jocelyn will be exploring new opportunities and ways in which she can gain more knowledge to utilize in all future endeavors.