Born and raised in Helena, Emily took a short stint away from the Big Sky State to pursue a higher education at Seattle University. However, she quickly returned to Montana to fight the good fight on the campaign trail. Falling into political fundraising slightly accidentally, it was immediately evident that it was a natural and perfect fit. During her short career as both a political and non-profit fundraiser, she has helped to raise over $10 million dollars to support the work of fellow progressive individuals and causes. Those doll hairs have funded tens of thousands of new voter registrations, hundreds of thousands of votes casts, and droves of incredibly talented and passionate staffers committed to fighting the good fight even when we get beaten down time after time (not purposely a slight to #bodyslamgate). Although Emily recently relocated to Albuquerque, New Mexico to win back the governor’s seat, all roads lead back to Montana and she’ll have returned in no time.

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